Concrete flooring offers far more versatility than many people realize. There are so many great ways in which you can give these floors a stunning new look that will make them one of the main attractions in the room. If you want to take your commercial concrete floors to the next level, here are some ideas.

Polished Flooring

Sometimes the best way to make a statement is to keep it simple. By polishing your concrete floors, you can be sure that they will take on a whole new look. The glossy, mirror-like finish is extremely desirable and you can choose just how shiny you want your floors to be.

The process will begin with rougher grit pads and you need to work your way to the finer ones. Once you are happy with the shine, you can stop, clean and seal the floors to give them that flawless sheen. While you could attempt this project yourself, it is best left to the professionals since it requires special equipment and experience.

Acid Staining

Just because you have concrete floors does not mean that you cannot choose or change the color. If you would like a natural, mottled look, you should consider acid staining. This is particularly appealing to busy commercial properties since the final result is perfect for hiding surface dirt. You may not always have time to sweep and mop several times a day.

So, to keep the footprints left by visitors from becoming an eyesore, you should ask about acid staining. The results of this staining process vary based on the porosity of the concrete as well as the age of the slab and the materials used in the mixture. Once the process is complete, you will enjoy a gorgeous look with various shades all blending into one. If you are not entirely sure whether this look is for you, test it out on a small area that is out of the way and easy to conceal.


For a more uniformed look, you may like to consider dying your concrete floor. Unlike acid staining, dying does not cause color variations across the floor. When using a water-based coloring agent, it will penetrate the concrete and give it a rich and smooth finish.

The results of dying are easier to predict than acid staining because the latter does not simply penetrate the surface. It actually causes a chemical reaction. If you are concerned that a single solid color will be too overpowering for the room, you can always add a rug or two to break up the monotony.


When you think of epoxy treatments, you most likely associate them with their sealing and repairing properties. Yes, they are used for these purposes, but they can also be used to add color to a room. Epoxy treatments are available in various colors which means that you can create unique designs on your concrete floors. In fact, you can use this protective coating material in much the same way as you would paint.

This coating is also very strong and, rather than simply drying on the surface, it forms a bond with the concrete and this makes it even tougher. This type of coating is perfect for commercial areas.

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