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New Concrete Floor Polishing Project in Garage

New Concrete Floor Polishing Project in Garage We are very pleased to finally share our newest project on the transformation of a garage floor using our highly advanced Polished Floors Garage Flex System Epoxy. Project Information: Existing Concrete Grinding: The first thing our guys do is to grind the area where the old concrete floor […]

commercial unit epoxy floor finish matte

New Concrete Floor Polishing in the Commercial Law Office Unit

We are excited to share our latest project where we transformed an existing concrete floor in a commercial unit into a sleek, polished masterpiece. Project Details: Existing Concrete Grinding: Our team started by grinding the existing concrete floor to ensure a smooth and even surface. This step is crucial for removing any imperfections and preparing […]

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New Concrete Floor Polishing in a Commercial Unit

Embark on a journey through our most recent triumph – a stunning floor transformation project right here in Toronto! Our commitment to elevating spaces reached new heights in this endeavor. In this latest venture, we had the pleasure of revamping and redefining floors, breathing life into tired spaces. Whether it’s a residential haven, a bustling […]

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Concrete Crack Repair in Toronto

Restore the integrity of your concrete surfaces with our expert crack repair services right here in Toronto! In our most recent project, we had the privilege of addressing and rectifying cracks in concrete surfaces across Toronto. Cracks can compromise both the appearance and structural integrity of your concrete. Our skilled team undertook the task of […]

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Backyard Concrete Polishing Project in Toronto

In our most recent project, we had the privilege of enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of a backyard space in Toronto through our concrete polishing expertise. Backyard spaces can truly shine with the right treatment. Our skilled team starting with the efficient removal of the existing flooring, a task completed in just a few days. […]

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Concrete Polishing Project in Toronto

Elevate the appeal of your space with our expert concrete polishing services right here in Toronto! In our most recent project, we had the privilege of enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of a space in Toronto through our concrete polishing expertise. Whether it’s a residential or commercial space, concrete floors can truly shine with the […]

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Commercial Concrete Polishing Project in GTA

Elevate your commercial space in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) with our exceptional concrete polishing services! Our most recent project involved revitalizing the flooring of a commercial space in the GTA. Commercial floors endure heavy foot traffic and require a durable solution to maintain their appearance. Our skilled team undertook the task of rejuvenating a […]

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Garage Epoxy Project in Downtown Toronto

Transform your garage into a sleek and functional space right in the heart of Downtown Toronto with our top-notch epoxy coatings! In our recent project, we transformed a downtown Toronto garage area. Due to the regular wear and tear from daily use, garage floors often require a robust solution to keep them looking their best. […]

animal hospital projecy

Commercial Concrete Polishing for an Animal Hospital in Downtown Toronto

In the bustling heart of downtown Toronto, Polished Floors took on a remarkable multi-location project, spanning several animal hospitals, each encompassing around 2500 square feet. This project is a testament to our commitment to enhancing spaces with concrete polishing expertise, ensuring not just a surface upgrade, but a transformation that aligns with the specialized needs […]


Polished Concrete Before a Construction Company

Presenting the “Basement Concrete Polishing in the Heart of Toronto” project. This unique venture centers around the meticulous process of enhancing concrete surfaces, breathing life into the basement of a contemporary Toronto residence before the construction company’s final touches. A process that transforms the raw concrete canvas into a polished masterpiece spanning 750 sqft. This […]

3000 ft.² Commercial Unit in Mississauga

In the heart of Mississauga, our team at Polished Floors recently undertook a remarkable project – the transformation of a 3000 sq. ft. commercial unit. This endeavor encapsulated our commitment to elevating spaces through our concrete polishing expertise, delivering not just a floor but a lasting impression of quality and sophistication. As with every project […]

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Two Car Garage Epoxy Flakes System in Newmarket

Introducing the “Two Car Garage Epoxy Flakes System in Newmarket” project. The core of this project revolves around a meticulous concrete polishing process that enhances both the durability and radiance of the surface. Through this careful procedure, the inherent beauty of the concrete is brought to the forefront, resulting in a polished finish that exudes […]

red concrete floors in scarborough

Red Concrete Floors in Scarborough

We are thrilled to showcase our latest achievement in the realm of concrete enhancement and flooring aesthetics! Our team recently completed a transformative project at a Scarborough building, where we seamlessly combined our expertise in concrete polishing with a touch of vibrant design. The result is a polished floor that not only radiates professionalism but […]

Epoxy Flooring with Anti Slip in Brampton

We recently completed a cutting-edge project involving the installation of epoxy flooring with anti-slip properties in Brampton, covering an impressive area of over 7500 square feet. Our team at Polished Floors took on the challenge with utmost enthusiasm and expertise, aiming to provide our client with a flooring solution that combines aesthetic appeal with enhanced […]

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Floor Polishing For Toronto Commercial Building

We recently completed a floor polishing project for a prominent commercial building located in Toronto. Our team recently undertook the task of enhancing the appearance and durability of the building’s floors through our meticulous polishing process. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and our expertise in the field, we carefully prepared the surfaces, removing any imperfections and restoring […]

commercial concrete polishing toronto

Commercial Unit Concrete Polishing in Toronto

A new business was opening up in Toronto and needed us to polish the floors in their commercial unit before opening. The owners were looking for a nice yet simple finish, so we opted for our traditional polish. The floors came out smooth and shiny, and the owners loved it! Whether you have a small, […]

mississauga epoxy for garage

Epoxy Garage Project in Mississauga

A homeowner came to us looking for a way to enhance their garage floor, as they were in the process of renovating the space to turn it into a den. We were more than happy to help this homeowner transform their garage, so we explained all of the services we offer to help the clients […]

office floor polishing

Concrete Polishing for Office Space in Yorkville

This office space in Yorkville had their floors polished by the team at Polished Floors. The area being polished consisted of a common room and multiple office rooms. The team at Polished Floors completed the job using a matte finish, leaving the office space with beautiful polished concrete floors! Polished Floors offers concrete polishing services […]

concrete polished floors in belleville

Commercial Storage Floor Polishing Belleville

This commercial business in Belleville was polished by Polished Floors. It was about 1000 square feet, and we used our traditional polish. Thanks to Polished Floors’ expertise, the floors were smooth and shiny! No matter how small, how medium, or how large your business is, Polished Floors offers concrete polishing services. We make sure to […]