A homeowner came to us looking for a way to enhance their garage floor, as they were in the process of renovating the space to turn it into a den. We were more than happy to help this homeowner transform their garage, so we explained all of the services we offer to help the clients decide which direction they like best. After weighing out options, we came to an agreement that epoxy would be the best option for the results they desired! The team at Polished Floors completed the job in a timely matter, leaving this garage with durable and sleek epoxy flooring!

Our epoxy flooring application is simple – we begin with a primer base coat and then apply the epoxy. We inject sand into it once dry. It dries within 24 hours. After the drying process is complete, our team of technicians will come in to help clean up and remove any excess materials. We always ensure that your floors are clean before we leave!

Take a look at the photos below from this project!

mississauga concrete polishing for garage


Benefits of Epoxy Garage Floors:

One of the main benefits of epoxy garage floors is that they are very easy to clean. If you have any spills or stains on your floor, all you need to do is wipe them up with a damp sponge and they will be gone. The epoxy itself provides a protective barrier between your garage floor and any spills or harmful substances that may come into contact with it, such as common chemicals and tools we use in the garage for vehicle maintenance. The epoxy coating helps to protect your garage floor from damage, making it last longer.

Apart from epoxy garage flooring, we also specialize in concrete polishing for residential spaces like your basementpatio, or pool areas. Feel free to check out our other services like concrete repair, decorative, concrete resurfacing, staining, and engraving.

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Epoxy Flooring Application Process:

garage epoxy application in mississauga garage epoxy mississauga

garage epoxy in mississauga epoxy for garage mississauga