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Your patio or pool area is where you want to relax and enjoy. Imagine hosting lovely barbecues out on your patio, without having to worry about potential fire hazards or dirt. Enjoying your outdoor terrace or pool has never been easier than with Polished Floors!

Our experts offer a variety of choices when it comes to outdoor flooring. If you want to protect your outdoor area from harsh climates or water damage, or you’re looking to implement a beautiful design onto your patio, our experts can make it happen.

Project Planning

At Polished Floors, we know how to make our clients happy. We can make your vision for your space a reality. Polished concrete surfaces are ideal for your pool or patio, because they are guaranteed to keep your area protected from outside elements.

On top of it all, concrete polished floors are extremely easy to clean and maintain! We can help you prepare your outdoor area for every season with careful planning and consultation.

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Patio/Pool Concrete Flooring Services Include

Our responsibilities when serving as the General Contractor include:

concrete polishing services

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best flooring option for my patio?

Concrete floors are highly resistant to outdoor elements, including dirt and pollution. A highly sustainable material, concrete floors offer protection from weather elements such as rain and snow, and require very little maintenance to stay durable.

Is concrete flooring the best choice for my pool?

Concrete floors are highly resistant to water damage, which makes them the perfect choice for pools. You can keep your area eco-friendly, well-polished, and safe with floors that will last for a long time.

Are concrete flooring applications expensive?

Costly fees are finally a thing of the past. With us, you get the best floor polishing services at affordable prices. Our team enthusiastically tackles each project with the utmost care and dedication, and uses long-lasting, durable materials to save you money on future maintenance.

How long do concrete floors last in outdoor areas?

Concrete floors can maintain their durability and shiny polish for over 20 years. Routine and proper cleaning is all that is required to maintain a smooth, glossy floor. This saves you money on repairs, as well as the hassle of reapplication and replacement.

Ready to get started?

Our highly skilled staff is always ready to work with your needs. We offer in-house installation for locations across Toronto and the GTA. Our team is dedicated to delivering only the best results, which is why we value your opinions and ideas.

Whether you’re looking for installation, decoration, or repair services, the experts at Polished Floors are always happy to help – no matter the size of the space.