The team at Polished Floors loves working with homeowners to help them design the home of their dreams. Our team helps homeowners accomplish their goals with our whole suite of services, including concrete polishing, epoxy flooring, staining, resurfacing, and engraving. The great thing about our services is that they can be applied to just about any room in your home, from your bathroom and garage to your kitchen and basement. That is why we had a homeowner in Milton call us to help with their clear epoxy basement in Milton project.

Image depicts a basement floor in a Milton home from our basement clear epoxy Milton project

The image above is from this clear epoxy basement in Milton project. You can maybe tell from the photo that this house is a very old home – over 50 years.

Because of this, the condition of the floor was very poor. We sat with the client to discuss their needs and they decided to go with clear epoxy for their basement floors.

It tooks us three days to install the floors you see in the above image.

As you can see from the project image, the results are incredible. The new clear epoxy floors really give this homeowner’s basement a gorgeous and refreshed look.

Ready to Get Started?

Have you been thinking about giving your basement an improved look with epoxy floors or polished concrete? Then we invite you to give us a call today at (905) 731-7085. We look forward to talking to you about your needs and how we can help you achieve an unbelievably beautiful space in your home. We are available to work in homes and businesses all across Toronto and the GTA, and this includes Milton!