The office space and ambience are important for the productivity and morale of the team. More importantly, if you have clients visiting your office, the aesthetics and the decor of the workplace plays an important part. Often this is what makes the first impression. Polished flooring achieves that. The clean lines and the gleaming surface makes a mark and gives an air of sophistication.

Perhaps that is why commercial spaces and offices are constantly trying to update their decor to keep the people happy. The modish look with the concrete polished floor has been a trendy choice for a while. Here is why they are a great idea.

1. Versatile aesthetics

polished concrete flooring busy officeThe great thing about concrete floors is that they can be treated in different ways to offer you the look you desire. They can be dyed while mixing that results in a coloured concrete flooring, this can then be sealed and polish to make it last longer. Modern technology has made it possible to texturized or stamp the concrete to offer a customized look best suited for your workplace.

Since concrete is so versatile, it can also be stained to offer a luxurious finish that is distinctive. Thus, concrete offers a lot of flexibility in the result you want to achieve.

2. Looks clean

Concrete is poured onto the base therefore it offers clean lines. Since the flooring is one single layer and not slabs it lends a seamless appearance. Thus, concrete offers a sleek, clean look always, this is why they are popular in modern offices. The modern style works well with varied decor pieces and colour palettes.

3. Easy to maintain

Polished concrete is the no-fuss flooring option. They don’t need a ton of maintenance and usually are good to go with just a clean sweep and mop.

4. Highly durable

Polished concrete floors for offices are highly durable. If done right and by the professional, they last for years with the polish work done every few years for maintenance. This is far less effort compared to having the office carpet vacuumed and steam-cleaned every few months.

office space with polished concrete flooring

5. Safer for your health

Since polished cement can easily be cleaned they do not cause health issues. Carpet office flooring at times can be an issue as they are prone to carry dust and send the susceptible ones with dust allergies on a bout of sneezing. Additionally, even when the floors do get messy they do not retain the contaminants, as the sealant forms a barrier.

6. Budget-friendly choice

Changing up the flooring of offices can be an expensive task. Concrete polishing, on the other hand, is budget-friendly. Even with the total cost of maintenance over years it is a valuable option than using other kinds of flooring.

7. Brightens up the place

With carpet flooring in office spaces, the lighting and other fixtures have to be doubled up to make the place look brighter. This increases electricity costs as well. Since polished concrete is reflective, you don’t need the extra investment into lighting. The lighting fixtures in a few strategic locations are enough to create a brighter impact.

8. Less susceptible to stains

Compared to wooden flooring or carpet flooring, polished cement flooring is less susceptible to stains. This is because the sealant on the floor acts as a barrier preventing the stain to settle it. Hence, can be wiped right off.

All these benefits make polished concrete flooring a good choice for an office space. This is an ideal option if you have a bigger organization and have higher foot traffic at the office. Areas on the office where the polished flooring works exceptionally well are the cafeteria, common lounge areas since the floors are resistant to spills and messes that come with a congregation of people.

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