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Even though concrete flooring is one of our main services, it isn’t always an ideal solution for all businesses. Let’s take one of our recent clients for example. Our Toronto-based client had a 20,000 square foot factory that needed new flooring. So we decided on epoxy floors.


While concrete floors on their own are sturdy and resistant, they are also susceptible to wear and tear. Furthermore, they also absorb spilled materials easily. Epoxy coatings are normally recommended in commercial areas such as warehouses and retail spaces for a number of reasons. Not only do they provide a protective layer and are moisture-resistant, they also help revitalize flooring with their shine.

This is precisely what our client needed. Our team went into his factory, assessed the space and agreed on a grey epoxy with an anti-slip coat. The colour choice was ideal for a neutral space, the epoxy added enough vibracy. The anti-slip coat was essential with the space being as big as it was, as well as the high foot traffic expectancy. This way, not only have we given the floors some new life with the shiny coat of epoxy, we’ve lessened the possibility of stumbles and falls with the anti-slip addition.

Before and fter images from grey epoxy flooring project in Toronto factory.

Another reason our client was the perfect candidate for this installation was purely because of the space of the space. With 20,000 square feet of space, the client also wanted flooring that was easy to maintain and clean. Epoxy does exactly that.

Some of our other epoxy coating services include, hyper polish, stain removal, concrete self-leveling, decorative design, colour application and more.

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