New Concrete Floor Polishing Project in Garage

We are very pleased to finally share our newest project on the transformation of a garage floor using our highly advanced Polished Floors Garage Flex System Epoxy.

Project Information:

Existing Concrete Grinding:

The first thing our guys do is to grind the area where the old concrete floor is, giving us a smooth, even surface. We have to make sure that all imperfections are scraped off the floor for us to proceed with the following steps of the process.

Application of Garage Flex System Epoxy:

Following the grinding, we implemented our unique and proprietary Garage Flex System Epoxy. This higher-class epoxy gives the floor a robust and, more importantly, flexible layer that can withhold wear and tear much better, perfectly ideal for a garage.


Just look at the ready photos to see the dramatic difference our concrete floor polishing made to this garage. It makes a remarkable visual difference, but the smooth and polished finish adds huge value to the property.

Why Choose Us?

Our pride is built on exceptional quality and service. At Polished Floors, we have a team of experts where the transformation of ordinary concrete floors into a fine work of artistry is left to us. Whether commercial or residential, we have all the experience and skills for your needs.

So, contact us today to get more details of the services concerning concrete floor polishing and also how we can help you achieve your objective of bringing out the best finish for your floors.


garage flex system epoxy application

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What makes the Garage Flex System Epoxy suitable for garage floors?

  • Many reasons make the Garage Flex System Epoxy an excellent choice for a garage floor. As it is designed for garages, which are high-traffic-service areas, the Garage Flex System Epoxy provides a firm surface, is durable, and easy to clean in case of heavy usage and any potential chemical spillage, hence perfectly suitable for garages.

2. How does the epoxy make the garage floor last longer?

  • The epoxy coating creates a hard, resistant surface. The epoxy coating product is resistant to abrasion, impacts, and chemical damage. This extends the life of concrete flooring dramatically. The epoxy flooring looks nice even after long years of heavy usage.

3. Is it a disruptive installation process?

  • We’ve tried to make installations as quick and efficient as is practicable. The grinding phase of the process may create some noise/dust, but we always try to work around our customers to minimize disruption to your daily life.

4. Can the epoxy floor be finished and coloured as per one’s desires?

  • Our Garage Flex System Epoxy comes in a wide range of different colours and finishes so that you can genuinely make your garage floor whatever you want – to your liking and style.

5. How do I keep my newly coated and polished garage floor looking good?

  • Maintenance of your epoxy-coated garage floor will be pretty straightforward. A quick broom or sweep now and then and the occasional mop using a mild-type cleaner will keep it pristine. Just avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning tools to protect your surface from damage.