Epoxy Garage Flooring in Richmond Hill


Our residential epoxy garage floor service in Richmond Hill is perfect for homeowners looking for a long-lasting garage floor that can withstand a wide range of spills. We have provided epoxy garage flooring services to many customers in the Richmond Hill area.

Many homeowners avail of our services in Richmond Hill because:

  • We provide professional and reliable services
  • We’re seasoned epoxy experts
  • We offer services for all garages
  • We offer competitive prices
  • We also offer flake epoxy services for garages
  • Our floors not only look great, but they are also durable and easy to maintain


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Why Epoxy For Your Garage Floors?

Garage floors can get filthy over time, and it’s typically one of the first places to show signs of wear and tear. Your garage floor will be scratched up eventually, regardless of the type of vehicle you have. The garage is also where materials like paint and other chemicals enter the mix, so unless your flooring is always clean, you’ll end up with a lot of grimy dirt stuck directly to the surface. It’s not just dirt or dust, either; many people store combustible materials in their garage, and if they spill even a little bit, you could face some serious problems.

That is why it’s critical to invest in epoxy flooring for your garage. Epoxy is one of the most robust types of coating available, and it will be able to endure scratches from vehicles and other objects.

Floor Polishing Services

What Our Epoxy Garage Floor Service Includes:

concrete polishing machine richmond hill


Our team can handle any commercial project, including places like warehouses and auto detailing shops. We cover all your epoxy garage needs, no matter how big the space.


Your garage will be completely transformed once we’re done with it! We can help you create a more durable and beautiful space with our epoxy services.

garage epoxy flooring by polished floors richmond hill


Some homeowners believe that purchasing a DIY kit from a hardware store and doing the epoxy on their own is an easy answer. The trouble with this approach is that good epoxy installation demands that you grind the concrete first, which isn’t something most DIYers are equipped to do. Without first polishing the concrete, the epoxy will not last.

We’re a well-known team with a lot of experience in the industry. For many years, we’ve polished concrete floors all around Richmond Hill and the neighboring areas. We’ve helped homeowners all over the GTA to completely remodel their garage floors.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best option for your garage is our durable, long-lasting epoxy floor coating. This type of finish was specifically designed for industrial areas, which means it can handle both mechanical and chemical hazards.

An epoxy floor can maintain its durability and shiny polish for over 20 years. Routine and proper cleaning is all that is required to maintain a smooth, glossy floor. This saves you money on repairs, as well as the hassle of reapplication and replacement.

Our epoxy floors are an affordable and convenient solution for your flooring needs. Our team enthusiastically tackles each project with the utmost care and dedication, and uses long-lasting, durable materials to save you money on future maintenance.

Epoxy floors are extremely easy to maintain! Unlike other concrete applications, epoxy coatings do not require replacement, reapplication, recoating or waxing.

Definitely. Apart from giving your home that shiny look, epoxy is a great solution to decorative needs since it can be designed to incorporate various patterns, colors and designs.

Applications of epoxy coating range from commercial areas such as warehouses and retail stores to residential such as basements, garages and even entire apartments. The reason why epoxy is so popular is because it’s a durable, quality solution to flooring needs that requires very little maintenance.

You will have to take everything out of the garage and leave the items out of your garage for 1 – 2 days while the epoxy cures.

It is better to do it in Spring when the temperatures are not in the negatives.

We can do any stain colours (with a variety to choose from). We can also add flakes.

It is best to leave a garage window or your garage door open for a few days to let the smell dissipate.