Here at Polished Floors, we specialize in concrete polishing for all types of properties, including homes, warehouses, showrooms, stores, and so much more.

Although concrete polishing is our main pillar service, we also offer professional epoxy flooring services; and like our concrete polishing work, we can install epoxy floors in just about any property.

We recently helped a Toronto-based auto detailing company install a new flake epoxy floor for their shop.

The client needed something that looked good and would be able to take a bit of a beating that comes from heavy traffic of vehicles coming in and out of the space and from the water and cleaning products that end up on the floor.

We helped the client settle on flake epoxy for their flooring because epoxy is very easy to maintain and moisture resistant. This is what made epoxy the ideal choice for a car detailing company. The client gets a beautiful floor that will stand the test of time, and they don’t have to put a lot of working into preserving their floors.

Image depicts flake epoxy flooring installed in a car detailing shop.

We offer many useful solutions for companies that need flooring that is both attractive and functional. Many business owners want to build a pleasant workspace, and flooring plays a role in achieving that goal. But it is just as important, and in some cases more important, that the floors in a workspace are functional. An auto detailing shop, for example, might like the ideas of luxurious hardwood floors, but that wouldn’t be functional. That’s where epoxy floors come in.

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