What is Concrete Polishing?

concrete polished

Concrete polishing is the process of grinding down a concrete surface until it reaches a desired shine and smoothness through the use of heavy-duty machines, similar to sanding wood. It is a big part of the flooring industry due to the numerous long term benefits that accompany it. Polished concrete is usually used in commercial and industrial settings such as warehouse, retail stores, office buildings, showrooms and more.


Concrete Polishing Benefits

The benefits of concrete polishing are extensive, which is why many retailers, warehouse owners, education and medical facilities are choosing to go with it over other flooring options. Decorative concrete is a great choice both for value and aesthetic benefits. While these are the clear benefits, what about the more nuanced benefits?  


When polishing your concrete flooring you don’t need a traditional floor covering, the look of concrete polished already gives off a beautiful, complete look without the need for tiles, vinyl or laminate. Because there is no need for flooring covering materials, going with concrete polishing is much more cost-effective. It will also reduce energy and maintenance costs significantly through reflectivity and ambient lighting, adding on to the savings. 

Though polished concrete looks like a high-end luxury solution, it is actually more affordable than most flooring options. The cost per square foot is in the same range as other low-cost choices, and it has all of the added benefits listed above that will save on money in the future. 

Easily Maintained

Polished concrete floors need little maintenance to keep its shine. Unlike most decorative flooring options, polished concrete is relatively easy to maintain, keeping the floor dust and debris free is the extent of maintenance that will be needed. No need to strip or wax the surface as other flooring options require, just a sweep and mop from time to time. 


As time passes, concrete will age, the surface begins to crack and other problems can arise. When you mechanically grind the floor, it removes the top surface of the concrete. Polishing will then strengthen the floor, increasing its impact and abrasion resistance.  

Polished concrete floors are incredibly durable and last for many years. They are not as vulnerable to deteriorating as other materials, so they do not need replacing and do not stain or chip. Polished concrete floors are sturdy and if properly installed and maintained can last over a century, even with excessive wear and tear. 

Light Reflectivity

Due to the high-gloss finish on polished concrete floors, they are very reflective and bring more light to spaces without the need for as many light sources. This is preferable in offices, restaurants, hospitals and other public facilities that need to project a well illuminated, professional environment. Polished concrete floors look both sleek and luxurious, while also adding more light to your space so you don’t need to spend more buying and powering artificial lighting, leading to lower electric bills.


Polished concrete doesn’t require coatings, adhesives or hazardous chemical coatings for maintenance or installation, making them a more eco-friendly flooring option. This has led to polishing concrete gaining a reputation as being a green flooring choice. It is also an environmentally friendly and sustainable flooring solution due to the low amount of waste that is produced during installation and its incredibly long life as well as its ability to improve indoor air quality by reducing dust, mould and mildew build-up.

polished concreteHealthy

Because polished concrete is sealed, smooth and nonporous it stays dry and doesn’t allow allergens, dirt, or bacteria to build up and collect in any of the cracks and crevices. This makes it the most ideal choice for hospitals or other spaces where air purity is a must. Also, unlike other flooring solutions, it does not contain any harmful organic compounds, making for higher-quality air within the space. 


Due to the high-gloss look, you may be worried that concrete being polished will make it slippery. If safety is a concern in your space, a non-slip epoxy coating can be added to any polished concrete to add texture to the surface and prevent any possible slipping. This is usually done in many industrial settings to ensure safety. With the proper coating, polished concrete flooring is perfectly safe. Also, the extra light provided by the reflective polished concrete increases visibility, decreasing the chance of slipping. 


On top of the safety, eco-friendly, cost-effective, and many other benefits, concrete polishing also has customizable options. If you have a specific idea of what you want your floor to look like, polishing comes in a wide array of options to choose from. You can also choose the level of shine, the colours, the aggregates and patterns. There is even the option to add a decorative engraving or graphic.


As the numerous benefits above shows, polishing your concrete floors can be an excellent idea for your business or home in the long run. It is sustainable and very cost-effective as well. This is why it is growing in popularity in recent years and why services providing it can be found easier than ever. 

With a large selection of customizable options and a lifespan far exceeding other flooring options polished concrete is a fantastic choice that has a broad range of benefits. So, if you’re looking for an economical, eco-friendly flooring option that will also look great, concrete polishing is the perfect solution.

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