Polished concrete floors are one of the most popular choices for commercial properties. No matter if you own a warehouse, factory, restaurant, showroom, or any other retail space, you can consider installing durable concrete floors.

Our recent project is to polish the concrete floors for a coffee shop in Toronto. The floor was in bad shape, and our team grind several times before polishing it.

You can check the photos below to learn more about the details.

polished concrete floors for coffee shop before status

polished concrete floors for coffee shop after status

Benefits of Polishing Concrete Floors For Your Business:

Coffee shops or restaurants always have a very high amount of foot traffic, and they also need to comply with high hygienic standards. Concrete floors are the best choice for such areas because they are easy to maintain and resistant to water or spills.

Every commercial space needs regular maintenance to retain its best image and function. If your concrete floors show wear and tear, you can trust us to make them shine again. You can also further reinforce your floors with epoxy coatings.

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