Polished concrete is harder and more resistant to damage than normal concrete.

It has a much better finish and splendour. It is more durable than other flooring materials. The process is not waxing and it does not need any such coating at the time of concrete polishing in Mississauga or thereafter. If you have a concrete floor or space, if you intend to get a concrete floor for your property or if you are developing a new property, you should consider concrete polishing.

concrete-polishing-in-MississaugaPolished concrete requires very little maintenance.

If it is cleaned regularly and not exposed to hazardous materials, then polished concrete can last over a hundred years. The routine cleaning is very simple. You can use plain water or a mild neutral cleaner. Do not use acidic or alkaline solutions. Simple cleaning will be enough to maintain polished concrete. This is primarily because concrete does not hold onto dust, it does not allow dust mite to thrive, allergens cannot cling onto polished concrete and even mold finds it really hard to grow on such surface. Polished concrete is not vulnerable to water as the surface is nonporous.

If you want your concrete floor or space to last longer than a lifetime, then you ought to choose concrete polishing in Mississauga.

Concrete polishing can match or complement the interior design you have or the type of exterior your property has. Concrete polishing can have varying degrees of gloss. You can also regulate how bright an outdoor area would be by choosing the right level of glossiness. Concrete polishing in Mississauga leads to sustainable flooring in more ways than one.

concrete-floor-missisaguaWe use eco-friendly methods of concrete polishing.

Our concrete polishing in Mississauga can immediately follow concrete floor installation or it can be standalone floor polishing. We specialize in hyper polish, carpet and vinyl glue removal, concrete self-levelling, decorative patterns, engravings, floor logos, acid stain removal, concrete staining, epoxy coating and ceramic tile removal. Our concrete polishing experts have decades of experience. They are equipped with state of the art tools and premium quality products. Over the years we have worked on industrial and warehouse concrete floors, showroom and retail spaces, restaurants and kitchen floors, residential garages and basements, condos and lofts, pool and patio areas among others.

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