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Our residential epoxy garage floor service is perfect for homeowners who want a sleek garage floor that can stand up to many types of spills. Many homeowners have come to us for this service because:

  • Professional and timely services
  • We’re experienced epoxy experts
  • We offer services for garages of any size
  • Great and fair rates for our work
  • We also offer flake epoxy services for garages
  • Our floors look great, are durable and are easy to maintain


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Why Epoxy For Your Garage Floors?

There really are many reasons why you should go with epoxy flooring. These types of floors are a made of a coating of epoxy resin polyamine hardener, and other additives, and they are placed on top of concrete floors. Once epoxy floors are set in a garage, the effect is immediate. The overall aesthetic and appearance of your garage will immediately improve because you will have a sleek, shiny and bright feature that can come in different colours, designs and finishes.

The floors also come with many benefits, including affordability, resistance to cracks, durability, slip-resistant (which is especially beneficial in winter), protection, easy to install, easy to maintain, safe, and strength. The price of each square foot cannot be beat, and they are resistant to shock, heat, chemicals, and water. On top of that, these floors are easy to take care of, as you merely need to regularly sweep, vacuum and mop your epoxy garage floor.

Floor Polishing Services

What Our Epoxy Garage Floor Service Includes:

concrete polishing services


Our team can handle any commercial project, including places like warehouses and auto detailing shops. We cover all your epoxy garage needs, no matter how big the space.


Your garage will be completely transformed once we’re done with it! We can help you create a more durable and beautiful space with our epoxy services.

Image depicts a garage epoxy flooring project by Polished Floors.

Why Go With Our Epoxy Pros

Some homeowners think they can buy a DIY kit from a hardware store and apply the epoxy on their own. The problem with this route is that proper epoxy application first requires you to grind the concrete that you are setting the epoxy on. Without first polishing the concrete, the epoxy will not last as long.

Our highly-rated team has been in this business for many years now, and we have worked with homeowners all across Toronto and the GTA. From Hamilton to Oshawa, we have helped homeowners completely enhance the floors in their garage.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best option for your garage is our durable, long-lasting epoxy floor coating. This type of finish was specifically designed for industrial areas, which means it can handle both mechanical and chemical hazards.

An epoxy floor can maintain its durability and shiny polish for over 20 years. Routine and proper cleaning is all that is required to maintain a smooth, glossy floor. This saves you money on repairs, as well as the hassle of reapplication and replacement.

Our epoxy floors are an affordable and convenient solution for your flooring needs. Our team enthusiastically tackles each project with the utmost care and dedication, and uses long-lasting, durable materials to save you money on future maintenance.

Epoxy floors are extremely easy to maintain! Unlike other concrete applications, epoxy coatings do not require replacement, reapplication, recoating or waxing.

Definitely. Apart from giving your home that shiny look, epoxy is a great solution to decorative needs since it can be designed to incorporate various patterns, colors and designs.

Applications of epoxy coating range from commercial areas such as warehouses and retail stores to residential such as basements, garages and even entire apartments. The reason why epoxy is so popular is because it’s a durable, quality solution to flooring needs that requires very little maintenance.

You will have to take everything out of the garage and leave the items out of your garage for 1 – 2 days while the epoxy cures.

It is better to do it in Spring when the temperatures are not in the negatives.

We can do any stain colours (with a variety to choose from). We can also add flakes.

It is best to leave a garage window or your garage door open for a few days to let the smell dissipate.

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