Sometimes when people think about concrete polishing, they think that’s all it is – just polishing the floor.

Maybe that is true with some concrete polishing companies – but that is not true when you go with or team. Not only are we residential and commercial concrete polishing experts, but we are also experienced with epoxy flooring, concrete repair, concrete installation, and staining.

We sometimes get clients who want to combine services, which is exactly what this client wanted for their showroom in Mississauga.

Image depicts before and after pictures from a polishing and staining project in MIssissauga completed by Polished Floors.

The client gave us a call because they needed our expert showroom polishing with staining service. They wanted our help because their showroom is in a very old building, which meant that the floors were in very rough shape.

Our team came in and in three days we were able to completely transform the space. We first polished the floors and added a black stain to give the floors a nice, modern and sleek look.

As you can see from the before and after images above, you can see what we were able to do for the space. With polished floors and black staining, the showroom now looks cleaner and more welcoming.

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