Why would anyone choose concrete as their flooring option? Well, for a number of reasons. For starters, concrete is an ideal choice for both residential and commercial properties. Also, it is an economical option that can be enhanced cosmetically in a plethora of ways. Simply put, concrete floors are a great addition to any space.

However, if concrete floors aren’t sealed off, their wide range of benefits instantly falter. Bare concrete isn’t as durable and is susceptible to cracking and settling over time. It can also start ‘dusting’ as it begins to wear and tear. Which turns a low maintenance, and inexpensive flooring option into one that harbours several drawbacks.

A way to combat these disadvantages is to seal off the concrete with some polish. Not only is this an aesthetically pleasing option, properly sealed concrete floors shrug off little annoyances that take away from the beauty of a concrete slab. But what exactly do those look like? Well, some indicators look like the following:



A great way to determine whether or not your concrete is in need of some polishing is examining the air and looking at the floors. An untreated floor slab can produce high levels of dust in any facility.

Due to daily use, the floors can easily release particles of concrete that linger in the atmosphere and settle on things. This can make working difficult, especially in a warehouse environment. Unfortunately cleaning and ‘dusting’ wouldn’t help the situation either.



Polished concrete is praised for its low maintenance yet bright appearance. Any space that exudes a dull, dark vibe isn’t one someone would want to work at, or even visit.

If concrete appearance is important in the space it is installed, stains, spills, dirt and impact marks are other signs that indicate the concrete should be polished.


Equipment Damage

If you find your equipment or products undergoing damage, it may be time to take a closer look at the floors. The type of damage they incur depends on the type of issue the concrete has.

Of course untreated concrete is susceptible to potholes, cracks, as well as other problems. If this situation arises in a warehouse, filled with employees who are managing heavy-duty machinery, then this can pose quite a risk.


Difficulty Cleaning

Another way to determine whether or not your concrete needs to be polished is by the level of difficulty in cleaning the concrete. This one is particularly aimed at polished concrete.

Cleaning an untreated concrete slab is nearly impossible. However if you find yourself having difficulty keeping polished concrete clean, then it may be time to repolish your concrete. Bear in mind that this issue is the result of long term wear and tear, or a result of improper polishing.


Polished concrete is an excellent addition to warehouses, showrooms and art galleries among many other spaces. Since they can be customized to fit your existing aesthetics, all you need to do to maintain their appeal is a quick sweep and mop and they’ll look like new.

At Polished Floors, our team of experts are standing by to help you achieve your desired floor aesthetics. Our concrete polishing services can be used in industrial areas, retail spaces, as well as in homes. From concrete grinding, staining, and finishing – we have exactly what you need to create that modern, low-maintenance look. Contact us at (905) 731-7085 for an estimate, and allow us to tell you how we can be of service.