At Polished Floors, we have helped numerous clients maintain, transform and revitalize their commercial spaces through our concrete polishing and staining services.

A client recently requested our concrete polishing service for his 35,000-sqft warehouse in Toronto. Our team went to the warehouse showroom and polished the concrete with a black stain.

As you may see from the photo below, there was a myriad of cracks and scratches on the floor.

warehouse concrete polishing in toronto before

warehouse concrete polishing toronto after

Our Warehouse Polished Concrete Floors Process:

We had a crew of 4 people working on this project and finished it in 5 weeks.  We used lots of self-leveling concrete to fill in the cracks and do the patching work.

Right now, the concrete floors are shiny and flawless, and our client is happy and satisfied.

If you also need to refresh your warehouse or retail space, you can trust us to help you professionally. We offer a wide range of services including concrete polishing, epoxy flooring, staining, resurfacing, and decorative.

We invite you to give us a call at (905) 731-7085 to speak to our professionals, and we will assist you right away.