Concrete flooring is an ideal choice for patios, pools, or garages because it is extremely durable and versatile. Polished concrete flooring, among others, has been popular among homeowners due to its outstanding look, low maintenance feature and long-lasting functionality.  So it is natural to find people who want to have polished concrete installed outdoors

There are a lot of factors to take into consideration before you make a big decision. Polished concrete can be good in a lot of aspects, but a highly polished concrete surface in your outdoor areas can be dangerous. It could become slippery when exposed to wet weather and environments like your pool. The good thing is that you can add a non-slip grit to the polished concrete to ensure the surface is slip-resistant.

On the other hand, there are other options available like honed concrete and grind and seal concrete finishes. These finishes make concrete suitable for outdoor use so that you can enjoy various concrete looks in outdoor areas without worrying about the slippery risks. 


Honed Concrete VS. Grind and Seal (G&S) Concrete


Honed concrete is sealed with a penetrating sealer to protect the concrete and help prevent staining. As the sealer is blended into the concrete, it can’t be worn away or scratched by heavy foot traffic from the surface, making it a low-maintenance and sustainable option. However, the downside is that honed concrete can’t be highly polished and is only available in a matte finish. 

Another option for outdoor areas is the grind and seal concrete. Unlike honed concrete, grind and seal is available in matte, semi-gloss and high-gloss finishes. That means you can achieve the polished concrete look by using the grind and seal method. Unlike the penetrating sealer used on honed concrete, the sealer used on grind and seal concrete stays on top of the surface, which makes it vulnerable to scratches from the foot traffic. As a result, grind and seal floors may need more frequent maintenance than honed concrete. 


How to maintain my outdoor concrete floors


Polished concrete is famous for easy maintenance. You can use hot water to clean and wipe away stains weekly or when necessary. There are a lot of cleaners on the market  that are specifically made for polished concrete, 

Like polished concrete, a honed finish is easy to clean and repair, and only minimal maintenance is required to maintain this finish. However, a grind and seal finish is not able to be easily repaired and will most likely require more frequent and extensive maintenance over time due to the topical coating being far more susceptible to damage from normal daily use.

Choosing the most appropriate concrete floor for your outdoor areas takes time as there are pros and cons for each type. Simply put, honed concrete is the most convenient and practical option, but it only offers the matte finish to avoid slippery effects. On the other hand, polished concrete and G&S concrete provide you with the option of enjoying a polished finish, but you will need to spend more time maintaining them to ensure safety.

Moreover, you also need to check the price ranges to make sure that the selected products fit into your budget. You can even try to add more engraving or other customizations to your floors if you need to achieve specific artistic styles or designs. 


It is always recommended to consult with an expert concrete polishing expert to determine what options you have for getting that polished look outside. Our experts offer a variety of choices when it comes to outdoor flooring. If you look to protect your outdoor area from harsh weather while presenting a beautiful finish. contact us today at (905) 731-7085. Our Polished Floors team is always happy to help you pick up the best concrete to create a breathtaking outdoor space.