There are a number of benefits that accompany polished concrete. It is cost-effective, easy to maintain, incredibly durable, and customizable. Because polished concrete is so customizable, there are naturally many different designs that you can incorporate into this surface. While many may think of polished concrete as a cold solution with little personality, there are plenty of ways to give it some character that helps it give life to the space it is in.  

The sleek surface of polished concrete enables a host of different options for colouring, scores, overlays, and more. The most common polished concrete design you will find are stains and dyes, and that’s because they help rejuvenate the look of the floor – but there are still other options out there you’ll want to consider. In this article, we have accumulated some fantastic design options you can incorporate into your polished concrete



Staining polished concrete is a great way to add colour to the entire surface without having to do projects that are extremely invasive. It is perfect for older flooring with polished concrete as it brings it back to life, effectively producing a brand new atmosphere in the space. 

stained concrete floor

Stained concrete is incredibly efficient for decorating both indoor and outdoor areas. The staining process is done with acid and is a simple and reliable way to add some flair to your space. Staining is also a very long-lasting decorative solution that is highly resistant to damage. 



Concrete dyes provide a more vibrant colour than typical staining. When polished concrete is installed, it is usually dyed because dye is easy to apply. The process for dying is relatively quick as well, making it a great choice for a commercial space that cannot be out of commission for too long. 


Natural Colour

There are some spaces that benefit from having the original uncoloured look of concrete polishing. The natural look of the concrete provides an alluring industrial feel that can be the perfect choice for some spaces. 

There are the obvious spaces like driveways and garages that this works well with but the simplistic look actually fits in great in a modern home that is going for a minimalist design. 



Engraving is a fantastic way to add something entirely unique to your space. Regardless of whether you have engraving done indoors or outdoors, it is sure to last as long as the polished concrete itself. You can add beautiful designs to your driveway, patio, or any other polished concrete you have to give it a one of a kind look.  

concrete engraving waterloo

With the combination of staining and engraving, you can let your creativity shine by creating something beautiful and uniquely your own.



Similar to engraving, scoring is a great way to add some depth and texture to your polished concrete floors. The process of scoring concrete is done by cutting into the concrete to create a design or pattern. And just like concrete, you can use this to create something totally unique.  

Scoring can be done both indoors and outdoors to create a slew of different designs. It can be used to create different borders and shapes into the concrete which is then stained to create a beautiful contrast of the texture.  


Decorative Flooring

Decorative flooring consists of adding images, sometimes logos for businesses, into your polished concrete. This is the perfect way to add some sophisticated branding to a commercial space and will really help it stand out. However, it would work just as well in a residential space if you’re looking to add some extra style. 


These are some great examples of ways you can bring some style and personality to your concrete polishing. You can have any of these ideas incorporated into your flooring, regardless of its age. If you are tired of the same old look of your polished concrete, give one of these great design ideas a shot! 

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